Michael Schamps has been selected as our outgoing student to Germany.

I am currently 17 and in Year 12 at Warners Bay High, taking the maths/science based subjects. I can’t wait to go to Germany as I am so eager to experience a new culture and lifestyle, and take a big step out of my comfort zone (I don’t actually speak any German!!). I am really looking forward to playing some European football, of which Germany has the largest association in the world. I’m also excited about going to school and the sightseeing of all the wonders of Germany. When I return from my year on exchange, I plan on going to university in Sydney (USyd or UNSW) and studying mathematics and physics. I am still unsure whether I will study engineering (my dad’s dream), physics, or both. I wouldn’t mind working for the government or defence force when I finally complete my studies. I have a fairly large family (2 sisters, a step-sister, a brother and a step-brother) so there’s plenty I’m leaving behind, but this hasn’t hindered me at all and I’m still as keen as ever to leave. For fun I enjoy playing all kinds of sports (soccer, swimming, running, table tennis etc.), reading, and spending time with my mates (although these days its pretty much study, study, study before the HSC).