Susannah Fuller – Outgoing Exchange Student for 2012.


“I am currently 15 and I am in Year 10 at Warners Bay High School. I am taking all the basic subjects and french, legal studies and visual art on top of that. When I leave for exchange I will almost be 16, which is really frightening as I’ll be so young. I am hoping to go to either Belgium or Brazil, both of which have an amazing culture and a beautiful language. After I return from exchange I am interested in studying Zoology at university, I am not sure which universities close by offer this subject but I’m willing to travel further if I am able to study it. I love animals and the outdoors so it would be amazing to be able to work for either CSIRO or WWF(World wildlife fund) as a wildlife conservationist. I live with my mum and my younger sister (my older half-sister doesn’t live with us). I adore netball but I really want to learn a new sport, something different from the usual soccer, swimming, netball, football. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends and read, although lately I haven’t found many books that interest me.”