Vision Statement

The Rotary Club of Warners Bay is a well recognised and respected community service organisation whose membership consists of vibrant and enthusiastic members of all ages and from all walks of life.

When people become aware of the youth-oriented, environmental, fundraising and locally focused projects we are involved in, they are keen to join and participate in these worthwhile initiatives.

RCWB is an inclusive and welcoming club of helpful, generous and compassionate Rotarians who recognise the achievements, not only of our own members, but prominent figures, local businesses and volunteer groups.

Our commitment extends to many areas, locally and overseas, including developing countries like Papua New Guinea where we have extensive involvement, and the club has also come to the aid of areas devastated by natural disasters.

RCWB has a high profile, particularly in the local area, and is known as being a committed, passionate and active organisation that becomes involved in a wide variety of projects, with all members participating willingly and enthusiastically at all times.

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