At A Glance

President 2024-2025

Glenda Kociszewski

Club Secretary:

Susan Young

Membership Secretary:

Adrian Payne

0425 204 815

Club postal address:

PO Box 81

Warners Bay 2282

Club phone:

0416 059 655

2023-2024 Toni Mclean
2022-2023 Glenys Tomkins
2021-2022 Glenys Tomkins
2020-2021 Barry Knowles
2019-2020: Les Corrigan
2018-2019: Katrina Henningham
2017-2018: Craig Henningham
2016-2017: Craig Henningham
2015-2016: Kerry Hayes
2014-2015: Kerry Hayes
2013-2014: Toni Gemmell
2012-2013: Jeremy Dawes
2011-2012: Adrian Payne
2010-2011: Gerry Wild and Adrian Payne
2009-2010: Wade Hooper
2008-2009: Wade Hooper
2007-2008: David Ungar
2006-2007: Peter Raynor
2005-2006: Neil Blake
2004-2005: Peter Kilpatrick
2003-2004: Will McLean
2002-2003: Des Sullivan
2001-2002: Roger Wakefield
2000-2001: Brian Evans
1999-2000: Ron Scanes
1998-1999: Jeanne Raper
1997-1998: Bill Brewer
1996-1997: Tony Richardson
1995-1996: Arthur Matthews
1994-1995: David Sinclair and Grahame Tricker
1993-1994: Paul Burchell
1992-1993: Earl Sommerlad
1991-1992: John Norris
1990-1991: Ian Smart
1989-1990: Rowley Pearson
1988-1989: Cliff Musgrave
1987-1988: Albert Foggett
1986-1987: Vic Levi
1985-1986: Darrell Smith
1984-1985: Bill Nicholas
1983-1984: Frank Marples
1982-1983: Col Hutchinson
1981-1982: Alan Beard
1980-1981: Alan Cox
1979-1980: John Wright
1978-1979: Ron Henderson
1977-1978: Geoff Pendlebury
1976-1977: Ron Roberts

Warners Bay Rotary Club

was chartered by Rotary International on the 30th of June 1975 and with male and female membership has been serving in the community of Warners Bay and around Lake Macquarie ever since.

Historically the club raised tens of thousands of dollars through it’s annual Loop the Lake cycle ride around Lake Macquarie until worsening traffic conditions conspired to abandon the project forever.

In its place, Warners Bay Club now leads a wider Rotary project which every year stages the Autumn Fair at Spears Point Park. Other Lake Mac clubs assist in organising and presenting this great family day, where entertainment on the stage combined with market stalls a huge vintage cars display, food and drink stalls, sideshows, kids’ playground and rides make for a great community event. All put together by volunteer Rotarians.


The Club has another major project: ‘mherv’ This is the ‘Men’s Health Educational Rural Health Van‘. On 2 tours per year it travels with a Registered Nurse aboard, around rural and regional NSW., stopping to run around 100 clinics per year offering free health checks. The Heart Foundation says “someone in Australia dies from heart disease every 30 minutes”… Heart attacks and strokes happen without warning, but can often be averted if a timely test can bring about urgent treatment. Since 2017 mherv has probably saved around 450 lives.

Warners Bay club also assists other local charities like Survivors Are Us, not only with occasional donations, but club members regularly give their time to prepare breakfasts for homeless and people down on their luck, to get a good hearty free breakfast cooked on Survivors Are Us premises in Cardiff.

In September this year our president, Toni McLean using her own talent and connections, arranged a great concert at the Warners Bay theatre. Members of the club prepared a morning tea for booked guests who sat at tables in the theatre while being entertained from the stage by artists who donated their time and talent to raise over two and a half thousand dollars for Australian Rotary Health.

In recent years, Warners Bay club started what is known as a satellite club, this part of the club meets at different venues and has its own projects and timetable of events. This offers potential new members an alternative ‘club style’ in addition to the option of a traditional fortnightly meeting for dinner at Brown Sugar Restaurant down on the esplanade.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering should consider Rotary as a great avenue for community service, and new friendships. So many different skills and abilities are needed, and ‘giving back’ using the talent and experience people already have, makes for a great team that does good stuff around Warners Bay, the regions and even internationally…

For more membership information please call:

Adrian Payne on 0425 204 815